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I’m Lois Smethurst and this is my blog that I use to document my continuing journey as a Life Long Learner. I use this blog to clarify new learning and ideas that I come across related to ICT, web2.0 and digital identity. At times you will find  “how to” information, links to other resources and reflections of my professional experience.

I hope other educators and bloggers find it interesting and helpful.

I have been a Primary Teacher for more than twenty years and a Leading Teacher in ICT for the last 10. My qualifications include Masters of Information Technology in Education, and Intel Master Trainer. In 2008 I participated in the Teacher Professional Leave, investigating Interactive Whiteboards, pedagogy and peer coaching. My professional interests are education in ICT rich environments, web2.0, global collaboration and constructivist learning.

My current teaching position is ICT extension for Gifted and highly able students – a dream job!

3 thoughts to “About Me”

  1. Ms. Lois Smethurst,

    My name is Hardy Leung, creator of Tagxedo, a brand-new word cloud generator. I see you are a tag cloud enthusiast and had shared your thoughts on Wordle and Tagul. I encourage you to check out Tagxedo, and I hope you won’t be disappointed (definitely check out the gallery and the language pages). Thanks!

    Hardy Leung (ksleung@tagxedo.com)

  2. Dear Lois,

    Just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I recently referenced one of your posts on my own blog and wanted to let you know that I had done so, giving you credit for your inspiration. The post is here: Using Skype for second language debates: Ideas for teachers http://wp.me/pNAh3-gl

    Really enjoy your work.

  3. Hello Lois,
    I am the technology teacher at Falk School in Pittsburgh, Pa. We are a laboratory school which means that we are connected with the University of Pittsburgh and are involved in research projects, training young teacher candidates, and exploring what is considered current pedagogy. I teach grades k-8 and this year our favorite application is Scratch for all grades. In kindergarten, I have the students identify the sprites that have code attached. In grade one, after students have experiences with simple code, I have them use the paint editor to create a background, then sprites, and finally code to move their sprites. Lots of fun!
    My curriculum is mostly up to me. I try to add skills like saving files, naming folders, identifying the parts of the computer, and even simple robotics. My only concern is: are there prescribed skills that I’m missing? Time is limited. I like to think that higher order thinking skills are what’s important, but there are so many wonderful choices.
    If anyone would like to recommend a technology curriculum for grades k-8 that they believe in, I’d love a recommendation. Barb

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